Transform your practice with digital care plans

Grow your your clinic by creating, sharing and tracking patient treatment plans from start to finish

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Only 30% of patients finish their treatment plan.
We help change that.



Quickly create comprehensive treatment plans based on your patient's goals

The old way

  • Stick figure drawings

  • Lost or crumpled paper

  • Messy handwriting

  • Static recovery plan

  • Manual data analysis

  • Limited clarity

  • No collaboration

The new way

  • HD exercise videos

  • Accessible anywhere

  • Professional branding

  • Dynamic care planning

  • Automated analytics

  • Clear communication tool

  • Team collaboration


3500+ HD exercises and growing

From the basics to Instagram-worthy exercise variations

Dynamic education articles

No more static PDF print-outs. Customize to each client.

Appointment recommendations

Prescribe treatments so patients stay committed

Milestones, lists and checklists

Set goals and create custom lists

Mockup showing our care plan software for healthcare clinics
Mockup presenting our treatment plan builder for healthcare clinics


Expert-designed protocols at your fingertips

Musculoskeletal care planning just got simpler. Our templates library, built using the latest research and clinical practice guidelines, gives you quick start options for treating common conditions, to help you provide the best care for your patients.



Scale your clinic - whithout the overhead

Mockup presenting our treatment plan builder for healthcare clinics


Sell your custom programs online

Our platform allows you to create and share pre-built programs that auto-progress. Easily monetize your expertise and reach a global audience of clients. Leverage your careplans to generate passive income and expand your reach.

Mockup presenting our treatment plan builder for healthcare clinics

In-app sharing

Display pre-built programs to existing clients

Create and share pre-built templates to existing clients in the mobile app. Clients can browse shared programs and start them with one tap. It's easier than ever to keep clients engaged - even once they're finished their recovery.

patient engagement

Keep clients engaged ensures your patients remain engaged and invested throughout their recovery journey, leading to higher patient satisfaction, improved outcomes and increased clinic revenue.

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Secure in-app messaging

Keep your clients accountable during their recovery

Get instant feedback

Patients can provide pain-ratings and comments

Print, email, web portal or in-app

Share careplans in the way that works best for your patient

Mobile-first experience

Patient rave about the intuitive and engaging mobile app



Actionable insights - without manual data entry

App screenshot
Intagrate with your PMS
Custom built integrations with Jane and Juvonno EHR
Empower your staff
Filter metrics by clinician to see what areas to improve
Improve retention
Complete overview of patient progress from start to finish
Detailed reporting
Filter by location, discipline, clinician and custom tags



Our flexible pricing plan is designed to meet the needs of your practice, no matter how big or small.
Pay only for what you need, and scale up or down as your usage changes.


  • Up to 10 care plans per month

  • Care plan sharing

  • Custom templates

  • Custom branding


$49 <25

* Pricing based on care plans created per month, per location

How many careplans per month do you create?

* Typically based on number of new clients to your practice



per month

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